About Us

Our Story

Drasco Educational Services was born in 2019 when our founders Mohamed Bondok and Ahmad ElSayed found a major problem with the international study process in the Middle East.

There is no efficient, reliable way for students to research and apply to universities in multiple countries abroad that is also not complicated and time-consuming.

In today’s mobile world, we feel the educational sector is lagging far behind. We believe the process of searching and applying to study abroad should also be mobile and we aim to to use technology as the way to solve this problem. 

Over the past 2 years we’ve built partnerships that facilitate programs at over 500 universities from 11 different countries across 4 continents and we still continue to expand. We’ve also remotely consulted and assisted thousands of students all over the world with their educational journey.

Our team of consultants are precisely chosen, trained and enjoy years of experience with an aim to continue helping students make well-informed decisions and enroll in universities abroad efficiently and with maximum convenience.

  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision

To provide students a smoother and more convenient study abroad experience to help them make confident, well-informed decisions through expert consultation and a simplified process. 

To remove every obstacle, uncertainly and inconvenience for any student looking to studying abroad through innovative technology. 

Our 9 Core Values

Honesty, Transparency and Integrity.

Education is a right, not a privilege.

Customer-Centric culture.

Good Teamwork yields compounded results

Innovation is the key to success

All people are equal

Continuous Improvement - Great isn't good enough

Open Communication and Effective Collaboration

Focus on making an impact


We’ve recently refreshed our logo, visual identity and a small part of our name.

Don’t worry, we’re still Drasco. Just with a more modern look 😉