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We’re Evolving!

We're evolving and so we decided to refresh our brand and visual identity. This includes a new logo, color palette and minor change in our name.

Why Study in Ukraine?

Have you ever tried to look up for medical universities to find out that they are extremely expensive and maybe exceeding your budget? Let me …

It is time to start your academic life and your goal is set to studying tourism and travel, different universities will get you different jobs, …

You’ve finished your high school, your papers are ready, next step is to peruse the old dream that has never faded away. Yes, it’s time to enroll in a medical university and start the trip of becoming a member of the most important army in history. Doctors have the task of fighting diseases all around the world.

Why Study in Poland?

Many people dream to move and live abroad, find a job and maybe settle there for life. However, we all know how hard it is …

After a long day in your department studying and learning information that will help you build your career, the only thing you may want to do is go back home, relax and chill for a new day. However, this may be easier said than done. Immediately questions such as; "Where will I be staying and What will it be like?" may appear.

Are you looking for a country that offers a mixture between eastern and western cultures? Yet not expensive like other western countries? A country that offers a wide range and variety of culture through history? I can’t think of a better place, once known as the Ottoman Empires greatest country and now in modern times Turkey. Culture, beauty, history, mountains, seas and more are all available in one single place for you.

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We’ve recently refreshed our logo, visual identity and a small part of our name.

Don’t worry, we’re still Drasco. Just with a more modern look 😉