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DRASCO is an educational guiding agency for students in the Middle East and around the world aiming to achieve their goals. We are based primarily in the Middle East, we aim to provide students offers from universities worldwide efficiently and with great ease. We also strive to processes applications as fast and quickly as possible to avoiding any unnecessary delay, we also help you choose your university/college, your major, entitled scholarships, appropriate accommodation and your most suitable visa… etc.

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DRASCO offers various services, where we will assess your requirements, suggest a list of universities, help you with your application procedures for your chosen university, and thereafter follow up with your applications as well. DRASCO not only helps students choose an appropriate accommodation but will also be present at the airport whenever students arrive to greet and accommodate them into their new home.


We’ve recently refreshed our logo, visual identity and a small part of our name.

Don’t worry, we’re still Drasco. Just with a more modern look 😉