Take advantage of our consultation with an experienced educational consultant today. It has been proven that working with a consulting agency greatly increases your chances of securing a university acceptance or landing a scholarship.

Educational Consulting

You do not have to wait for days to get replies when we are few clicks away to offer a 24/7 high quality consulting service through our social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp). Any question from what programs and universities are suitable for you to the scholarships you can apply for is on your finger tips. You do not have to wait for Emails to be replied to anymore!

Finding Suitable Scholarships

It is challenging to look up every university that offers the program you desire. However, DRASCO will tailor and match your budget with the right university for you.
You will receive the highest possible scholarship as DRASCO signs exclusive agreements with universities and partners to provide you the scholarship you deserve. 

University Admission & Registration

You have to fill multiple forms if you want to apply to multiple universities. DRASCO will do the work for you, after submitting your documents to a consultant you will be able to apply to as many universities with a simple request.

You are granted a 70% higher chance of acceptance and 100% reliability.

Finding Suitable Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation can be a nuisance due to the fact that you need a fully ready place upon arriving to your chosen destination. DRASCO has official representatives in each country offered, this enables us to grant you the full transparency about accommodation in terms of cost, what to expect, level of security, and options either in-campus dormitories or off-campus houses.

Following Up Procedures

Upon finalizing your application you will receive a follow up update every 3 days as our team is always available and in continuous contact with all universities. This will assure your process is smooth and successful.

You have the option to stay in touch with your consultant for as long as you want upon arrival.

Airport Pickup

Arriving to a new university in a new city in a new country? DRASCO will make sure a representative is waiting for you at the airport. You will be accompanied with a representative to the university and to your chosen accommodation, as well as assisted in your registration. 


We’ve recently refreshed our logo, visual identity and a small part of our name.

Don’t worry, we’re still Drasco. Just with a more modern look 😉